Big Pharma

Join host Cameron English as he sits down with Dr. Chuck Dinerstein to break down these stories on Episode 40 of the Science Dispatch podcast:

Many corporations have suspended operations in Russia. Many have been lauded as having an ethical compass. But I wonder whether this behavior, especially concerning medications, will come back to bite us?

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It is difficult to overstate the potential damage that a rushed coronavirus vaccine could inflict on confidence in the biomedical community.

If you think the new coronavirus pandemic is an unexpected tragedy public health officials are hoping to end swiftly, you're mistaken, says anti-vaccine group

A new paper from the Progressive Policy Institute, a Washington-based think tank, describes a “prescription escalator” to explain the apparent rising cost of pharmaceuticals. Let’s hit a few highlights

The protection of intellectual property is vital to innovation. If anyone can just take something you created -- be it a song or a drug -- without proper compensation, there would be little reason to develop new things.

It is not surprising that pharmaceutical companies have filed a lawsuit seeking to block the implementation of the FDA’s new regulations regarding pricing information in direct to consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical advertising.

Dr. House, the fictional diagnostician played by Hugh Laurie, on the Fox TV series "House," was often wrong, never in doubt and always chose the more invasive treatment.