birth control

The world of contraception might soon have a new participant — if the upcoming trials are successful. And this one’s for men.

Bespoke condoms hit the market. With all that can be custom-made these days, why not them? Hoping to tackle the rampant fit and feel complaints of many men, Global Protection Corp.

The efficacy of birth control is not something that can be agreed or disagreed with. It is both a scientific fact and a key issue in women's health. 

preggersI for one had thought the theory of "no safe level of alcohol while pregnant" had been thoroughly dispelled.

Dr. Oz questions the safety of the non-browning GM apple- for absolutely no reason, supplements containing amphetamines pulled off the shelves at major retailer, and teen contraceptive use on the rise, but still not quite enough.

360579_3475If you scour a vast amount of data from various inputs versus various outcomes, you will eventually find some s

57447411The nation s most influential pediatricians group, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), recently updated thei