The Wall Street Journal reports that the cost of eggs increased by about 60% in 2022, more than any other grocery store item on the shelf. Every day breakfast has become a source of anxiety as families look for affordable, healthy alternatives. And what to do about Easter Eggs for the children? The high price of eggs may be causing many families to rethink their eating habits.
Here's this week's menu of ideas: We are all stressed at times, especially now. Can mitochondria hold a key? ... How exactly did police wind up issuing traffic citations in the first place? ... What could bring foodies and "factory farmers of meat" together in alliance? ... And, lastly, a consideration of the "hard problem."
Consuming a huge meal to start the day, in order to lose weight, is an old adage. Does this belief stand up to science? Angela Dowden, our expert nutritionist, takes a closer look.
It's an ongoing debate: Can breakfast help deter obesity? Some research has found no connection. But a recent study of Spanish adults suggests that breakfast-eaters have a lower risk of developing abdominal obesity, the most dangerous kind.  
Skipping breakfast has been linked to increasing the risk of overweight and obesity. But a new study finds that the main problem in breakfast skipping children is a deficit in some pretty important nutrients.
Breakfast, it appears, is no longer to be considered only a morning meal. With consumers wanting their breakfasts at any time of day, restaurants are supplying their eggs and bacon pretty much round the clock. Will that have a negative nutritional impact? Probably not.
The most important meal of the day is breakfast, right? Not so much, according to a recent review that soundly critiques research on the topic. Breakfast skippers are not more prone to obesity or heart disease, and well-nourished kids will not have lower IQs without breakfast.
The latest health news: India and China take many steps backward in GMO advancements, E-cig company fights back, and why eating or skipping breakfast may not affect your weight
Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, with proponents of this meal arguing that consuming a healthy breakfast (whatever that means) is an important component of a sound weight-loss
You can hear or read it everywhere breakfast is the most important meal of the day; can t lose weight or maintain weight loss if you skip breakfast it s in media reports, government websites, even those of the Mayo Clinic and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. But a recent review of relevant data and reports finds that the research supporting such statements just isn t there.
If you re one of those people who avoid breakfast in hope of losing weight, perhaps you should think again.
Medical News Today urged readers not to skip breakfast in their article Eat breakfast to improve your heart health, published yesterday.