breast implants

On Dec. 10, 1990, Connie Chung generated a shock wave of fear over silicone breast implants. The impact of a TV report by the former CBS News reporter was instantaneous and powerful, producing a new low in one-sided, fear-mongering journalism. Yet today, it remains in the pantheon of all false-science reporting ever perpetrated on the American public.
The 50+ year silicone breast implant fiasco never goes away. Long after the matter should have been put to bed, another study comes out, saying the same thing: no evidence of any harm. American Council trustee, author, and retired plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Fisher speaks out. Again.
ACSH trustee Dr. Jack Fisher s new book on the story of one of the sad chapters in American legal history the unwarranted attack by the tort industry, ably abetted by the FDA under David Kessler, against Dow Corning for damages supposedly caused by their silicone breast implants has just been published.
It was news to us, but according to an article in The New York Times, women who feel they are not amply endowed enough can get a temporary fix for the issue. It s very temporary, and may