The periodic table of the elements is logical. Sometimes. For example, as you go from the top (light elements) to the bottom of the table (heavy elements) the atoms get larger and (usually) rarer. Also, on the left-hand side of the table is where the metals (orange and yellow) reside. Non-metals (green) are on the right-hand side. So, at this point, the periodic table below should at least make some sense. 


Now, let's zoom in on the lightest elements. You will know most of them. Eight are essential for life, especially, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur. 


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The next time you feel stress and anxiety riding on your shoulders, pick up a coloring book. Seriously, they're not just for kids anymore. Adult coloring books are the new way to unwind, and many health experts are on board.

A handful of studies have shown that the effects of coloring could be positive: Participants in one study took a baseline test to measure anxiety levels, and then increased their anxiety levels by describing a scary experience. Immediately after, they were randomly assigned to color either a blank page, a design, or intricate...