coronary artery disease

Treating heart disease requires physicians to identify a 70 percent blockage. But it turns out that they overestimate blockages and that results in, perhaps, more procedures than necessary.
It isn’t hard to imagine that as our enlarging and ever-stiffening polarized political spheres come to a head, an article about what maintains the penis’ potency might be a kind of crowning glory.
Finally, a study where espousing the thought -- If you cared about my heart and well-being, then you wouldn’t stress me -- could be a win-win. Can anger trigger a heart attack? How about intense physical activity? Here's a closer look at heart health and heartbreak.  
Ex-president GW Bush, apparently during a routine PE, was taken to a nearby hospital and had angioplasty (PCI) and a stent insertion. Was it necessary? For what condition, exactly? What is his prognosis now? I think it was overuse of medical procedures.
Whenever I have visited a physician over the last decade, the following scenario has been replayed: We discuss my cholesterol levels (total, LDL and HDL). We review dietary guidelines and other medical recommendations. Then I say, "Don't forget to remind me to drink a glass or two of wine daily." Invariably, the doctor demurs: "That hasn't been proven to protect you against atherosclerosis."