If anyone embodies the ideals of healthy living and longevity, it appears there's no one better suited for the role than Robert Marchand.

He's been doing all the right things for quite awhile now; eating well, exercising frequently and steering clear of dangerous habits. And as a result, despite his advancing age, there's little to slow him down – including an hour-long bike ride.

Which broke a world record.

At the age of ... 105.

To those who know him, the indefatigable Frenchman once again demonstrated that adhering to the tenets of good health pays off handsomely, this time with a ride of slightly more than 14 miles in 60 minutes, the longest ever for anyone his age. The 5-foot centenarian accomplished the feat at the Velodrome National, France's top...

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.49.55 AMCycling is a great way to stay fit, but only if you're careful. A recent study from JAMA shows adult biking injuries are on the rise, especially in men over 45 years old.

The silver lining behind the news is that more and more adults especially middle-aged males are using cycling for recreation and commuting to work. Older bikers are also more prone to serious injury than...