dairy products

Eating dairy products results in increased levels of LDL cholesterol (the "bad " kind) which in turn is felt to “fuel” cardiovascular disease – hence the recommendation to pursue a low-fat diet. A new study considers the important question of whether milk and cheese shorten your life.
Saturated fats are not one monolithic group. Understanding this makes us reconsider nutritional guidelines. So, consumed in moderation, ice cream is back on the menu.
Executive Summary Except in cases of milk allergy (an uncommon problem), cows' milk and its products are acceptable, nutritious foods for persons one year of age and older. Milk and dairy products are good sources of high-quality protein and several vitamins, and they are the best food source of the mineral calcium, a nutrient often not plentiful enough in the American diet. It is difficult to obtain an adequate supply of calcium from non-dairy sources, and it requires heavy reliance on foods not favored by most Americans.
Many people become vegetarians because they believe, in error, that vegetarianism is uniquely conducive to good health. The findings of several large epidemiologic studies indeed suggest that the death and chronic-disease rates of vegetarians primarily vegetarians who consume dairy products or both dairy products and eggs are lower than those of meat eaters. But this does not mean that maintaining or improving health requires abstention from eating meat.