Where does the 2600 tons of oxygen we use daily in the hospitals come from? Not all creatures have a microbiome, what is up with that? Why are lies and misinformation so resilient? And two lessons from history, one about where we shelter, the other about "travel papers."
A weekly look at what the Internet has to offer us. This week, it's our friend mitochondria and anti-oxidants; how science "news" jumps from harm to harm; Siddhartha Mukherjee on CAR-T therapies; and a very interesting fact out of the European Union that we bet you didn't hear about.
It's the season for Top 10 lists. The challenge, as usual, is to narrow down all the junk science we debunked this year to just the 10 best (or is that worst?) stories. It would be far easier to create a Top 100 list.
Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker and self-help guru who believes in "magic moments." He encourages guests to walk over a pit of burning coals, which often isn't as magical as planned.
Seasonal Affective Disorder has had its validity questioned as a distinct mental disorder. Research published in journal Clinical Psychological Science provides persuasive data that casts major doubt on SAD being a legitimate psychiatric disorder.