The world has a misinformation problem.
As a new parent, I've rapidly discovered what a dangerous place the world is for children. It's an overwhelming realization at times.
It was a problem for years. First thing in the morning, I would shut off my phone alarm, open the Twitter app and begin scrolling through my timeline before reluctantly getting out of bed to be productive.
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I must be getting old because I don't know who some of these young whippersnappers are anymore. Apparently, a Canadian singer named Grimes (who happens to be dating Elon Musk) is somebody I need to pay attention to.
I’ve written in the past about anecdotal and case reports from “alternative or complementary” medicine arguing that these reports do not rise to what we would consider scientific trials.
Imagine a world where no matter where you turn, albeit your phone, the television, social media or a billboard, you are confronted with happy, healthy and even marginally optimistic images or messages?
SPOILER ALERT: A key theme in the movie will be revealed in this article.
The iconic movie remake of A Star Is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga among other notables, strikes a chord as it genuinely and accurately captures the reverberating heartache associated with addiction, depression, anxiety and
Depression and anxiety are not always easy to detect.