The Asian Flush, also known as the Asian Glow, or Alcohol Flush Reaction, can be pretty debilitating. The condition is usually associated with red faces, and flushing of the neck area. But for some of Asian descent, it also results in symptoms such as heightened heart rate, headache, and nausea -- from consuming as little as one alcoholic drink.
A recent CDC survey of adult behaviors found that more recent quitters, and those who have tried to quit, are using e-cigarettes.
Regarding alcohol, the standard advice to pregnant women is: Just Say No. But is that the best medical science can offer? We think not, because an infrequent tipple is not a significant causative factor for any serious condition for the fetus or newborn. Evidence of such an effect is not to be found.
The consumption and abuse of alcohol are important topics for Americans health. Alcohol is in fact that most commonly abused substance in our nation and the world, with immense health ramifications. So why do only one-sixth of adults recall discussing the subject with a healthcare professional?
This holiday season, it s OK to be merry and bright, but remember that a night of drunken reveling can most certainly result in a holiday hangover the next day. And those bells you hear jingeling will only be in your head and they ll be loud.
A bad hangover isn t all to fear from alcohol consumption. A new study warns that if a woman drinks one alcoholic beverage per day, on average,