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To space and beyond A tale of statistics Are we part of Earth’s microbiome? The astronomical cost of drugs for rare orphan diseases
The development of new antibiotics is as much about money as it is about science. ACSH advisor Dr. David Shlaes writes about biotechs, IPOs, disappointed investors, market cap, and CEO egos.
ACSH friend, Dr. Robert Popovian, the Senior Director of Healthcare, Science and Economic Advocacy and U.S. Government Relations at Pfizer, is arguably one of the world s premier experts in all aspects of the industry, from early stage discovery to development, as well as innovation, economics, and government policy.
A new report by IMS Health, a consulting company that provides information and analyses of multiple facets of healthcare economic, scientific, others concluded that prescription drug costs jumped by more than 13 percent last year the biggest increase since 2001.