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Last week, Merck filed suit against the US Department of Health and Human Services to prevent them from implementing drug pricing provision of the Inflation Reduction Act.

By Robert Popovian, Pharm.D., MS, and Wayne Winegarden, Ph.D.

If there is a single company that tops the "no good deed goes unpunished" contest I would pick Gilead Sciences. By a mile.

“In America, the majority of fast-food restaurants aren’t owned by the corporation itself, but by franchisees — individuals who pay for the right to use a brand name.

# Reprinted with permission from Dr. Shlaes' blog. The original post can be found here.

A new paper from the Progressive Policy Institute, a Washington-based think tank, describes a “prescription escalator” to explain the apparent rising cost of pharmaceuticals. Let’s hit a few highlights

I've decided not to watch any of the presidential debates because I just can't take it. If a politician isn't saying something stupid, he or she is saying something insulting. Oftentimes, it's both.

The FDA just released its new guidelines on direct-to-consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical advertising indicating that they now must include their list price. As Secretary Azar so succinctly stated,  

With the end of the government shutdown and the beginning of Congressional posturing on the rising costs of medications, the news cycle is again full of truly upsetting tales of how the cost of insulin is harming patients and their families.