Although dermatology may not automatically command the respect of other disciplines such as oncology, Drs. Henry Miller and Renata H. Mullen explain why dermatology is one of modern medicine’s most complex and fascinating specialties.
Dupixent, a drug that already works miracles for people with eczema, has been found to be very effective for treatment of severe asthma. Nothing else does this. Keep this in mind the next time you think that the pharmaceutical industry is not innovative. 
Sufferers of asthma and eczema should be very thankful that drug companies continue to do research. There are now biological drugs that are very effective in treating both conditions. I should know. I take two of them. 
Those with severe eczema can suffer mightily from itching, which leads to scratching, which makes it worse. Anti-inflammatory steroids are the go-to drugs (but they have many nasty, long-term side effects). But an antibody drug named Dupixent, just approved by the FDA, works very well. So now you may be able to give your fingernails a rest.  
Many people take multivitamins "just to be safe." That may not be a good idea, and now a new paper suggests that people who consume too much vitamin B3 might be at higher risk of developing eczema.
Eczema (atopic dermatitis) typically appears on the face and scalp of babies and on the backs of elbows and knees of children. The chronic itchy skin condition usually develops before the age of eighteen months, when a baby s skin is still developing, and lasts sometimes through
Childhood eczema has become more prevalent in recent years, deserving attention and demanding alternate treatment options. Eczema is an inflammatory (and often