Mara’s commentary steered clear of a discussion of gender (women tend to be smaller than men); lifespan; BMI, or activity on climate change, even though our ability to affect BMI or activity level is much greater than our influence on height, gend
Environmentalists often oppose the very solutions that they once proposed.
Why is Europe persevering in restricting the use of agricultural biotechnology and why does it renounce its benefits?
Several years ago, I received an invitation to attend a conference hosted by the Breakthrough Institute, an organization that promotes technological solutions to problems like climate change.
The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) portrays itself as a pro-science, non-profit organization that simply wants to protect endangered species. In reality, it's largely a group of lawsuit-happy lawyers.
Several years ago, when I first became a science communicator, I was giving a talk in Seattle about GMOs.
Solar power, wind mills, and electric cars will save the world, environmentalists tell us. But if that's actually true, then environmentalists need to stop blocking the construction of solar power, wind mills, and electric cars.
This has to be one of the juiciest stories I've ever come across because it puts on stark display the hypocrisy, incompetence, and corruption at the heart of the modern environmental movement.
What should we make of a scientific journal that has decided that being culturally "woke" is more important than presenting evidence-based reports and opinions? Alas, this is what has become of The Lancet.
A serious infectious disease nearly wiped out a beloved species in the United States. Scientists have now discovered how to bring it back. Should they restore this once prevalent species to its former glory?