FDA regulation

In this radio conversation, Lars Larson and I discuss his concerns about the testing and approval process for new drugs and medical procedures in the United States.
“Claims like 'healthy' on food labels can provide information to consumers to help them identify healthier food choices at a glance. Foods must meet specific nutrient-related criteria to use the nutrient content claim 'healthy.'” So begins the FDA’s quest to label what is healthy and what is not. Good luck with that fool’s errand.
For the second time in a month, we must take issue with the editorial board of The New York Times.
It seems the time has come to ask not, what can your smartphone do, but rather, what can it NOT do? According to industry analysts, there are now about 17,000 apps that aim to help you stay healthy. Although most of these applications, such as calorie counters or apps that record how far you ve run, pose no harm to consumers