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As a parent who packed Lunchables for my son for most of the ‘90s, I find this particularly concerning.
Once a trusted institution that disseminated science-based guidance to pediatricians and parents, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has devolved into an activist group that parrots agitprop from NGOs like Greenpeace.
“In practical terms, “content creator” neatly accomplishes two things at once: It lets people who make garbage think they’re making art, and tells people who make art that they’re making garbage.”
Join hosts Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein as they break down these stories on Episode 49 of the Science Dispatch podcast:
Flour-Associated Outbreaks
Join ACSH directors of bio-sciences and chemistry Cameron English and Dr. Josh Bloom as they break down these stories on episode 17 of the Science Dispatch podcast:
What do you do when the evidence doesn't support your conclusion?
      What are Heterocyclic Amines and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons?
The results of the USDA's Pesticide Data Program (PDP) for 2020 are in, and they lend themselves to two important but unsurprising conclusions: the trace amounts of pesticides in our food supply still don't pose a measurable health risk; environme
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