food waste

Food loss and waste is a global concern. 30 to 40% of our annual production, 80 billion pounds of food, are wasted annually, or, in more human terms, 242 pounds per person. 22% of our landfills are filled with wasted food. A new study examines the intersection of environmental concerns and meat-related food loss.
An reader wrote to us, asking if we would investigate a controversy surrounding Apeel, a protective coating that's applied to some fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers and apples help us sort through the issues and determine whether consumers should be concerned.
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Consider this paradox: The more nutritious our diet, the more food we throw away, and the more it takes from our environmental resources. Which begs the question: Does virtuous eating have an environmental cost?
Wasting food, a precious resource, is bad. Does French regulation make for less waste? Or could there be an equally simple free-market solution?  
Preservatives help keep our food supply safe and reduce food waste. Apparently, Panera Bread is unaware of this.