foreign body

We can’t talk about penises and urethras without mentioning vaginas.  So, it seems like the perfect segue in my series on foreign bodies in the body to move directly from one family jewel to another.

So, let’s dive right in and open Pandora’s box, so to speak.

Our journey of exotic squatters assuming residence in the vaginal canal will involve an outside in approach, just as one would perform a medical examination.  We will track the common culprits from childhood through adulthood.  The former’s offenders tend to range from hygiene issues, curiosity and injury in the very young to the evolution of pubertal sexual discovery in adolescence.  Once in adulthood, the relevance of inanimate objects in the vagina typically arises from sexual exploration or toy exploitation....

  “What is that you express in your eyes?  It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life.”  Well envisioned, Walt.  Whitman, that is.  

  I won’t claim the follow-up to my first piece on foreign bodies in the body will be as eloquent, but it will affirm this sentiment: Preservation of vision should be a cherished, lifetime goal.  So, let’s talk high velocity projectiles -or, their avoidance -chemical splashes, particle fragments, and creepy crawlers.  

  Whether occupationally, recreationally, or run-of-the-mill induced, ocular insult by inanimate objects can be catastrophic.  Unlike other organs, periorbital damage has a critical cost. Our eyes subsume memories, capture still life and moving images, enhance our other senses, and absorb our stories.  Our...

Location.  Location.  Location.  Everything in medicine comes down to real estate.  The closer to a vital structure in the body, the more precarious the consequence— especially when considering foreign objects where nature did not intend them to be.

As I think more about inanimate items in familiar orifices, I realize how truly boundless the possibilities are for mass education and insight.  There isn’t a field of medicine that doesn’t address these issues; or, one I can think of anyway.  So, buckle up, as we journey through the initial in a series taking a top down approach.  

We'll go from the top down. So that means beginning with the ear, nose and throat.

For the pediatrician, it is a semi-routine occurrence to remove alien entities from known apertures.  There...