Lately, we keep expanding our winter vocabularies. From last year’s bomb cyclone to today’s snow squall, the term polar vortex already seems to be old news.
Since I dealt with my own gloveless hands burning from the freezing cold and bone-chilling wind in the early morning, it seems everyone I am encountering from then on is feeling the frigid weather and remarking about the pain they are enduring esp
With bomb cyclones, blizzard conditions and a polar vortex prompting school closures and other restrictions, it would seem an optimal time to detail cold-related illnesses and deaths for the purposes of prevention. But, been there, done that.
As the grocery stores start to sell out, school districts and offices announce closures and group discussions become preoccupied with the arrival of Snowstorm Stella, there is no better time to remind everyone of ways to avoid unnecessary injury a
With the holiday season upon us and the palpable slow descent of the temperature, it seems appropriate to nestle in to the unpleasant notion that cold-related deaths are a reality.  An often avoidable one at that.