“As the field of transgender health care has transitioned from pathologizing patients to a gender-affirming and patient-centered model and from an understanding of gender as binary to a fuller picture of gender as a spectrum, its associated diagnoses have similarly evolved.” An article in JAMA’s newest spinoff, Journal of Ethics, tries to explore the benefits and problems of a medical diagnosis.
Using an AI algorithm researchers can use electrocardiograms to tell us our gender and age. Have they found a Magic 8-ball of health?
The case surrounding Caster Semenya, and fellow track athlete Dutee Chand, hinges on whether their endogenous androgens give them a competitive edge. Here's a breakdown of the report currently at the center of the "science."
When two scientists have contributed equally to a project, the authorship can be sticky. Whose name should come first? It turns out that there may be different factors at play. One group sought to determine if gender was one of those factors – and the answer just might surprise you.     
Many stereotypes just aren't true, like that men are smarter than woman. And yet, girls as young as six have ben found to be less likely than boys to believe that members of their own gender are “really, really smart." It's simply wrong for these types of insecurities and biases to be taking hold at all – much less at such an early age.
Depression has often been associated with symptoms such as sadness, apathy and anxiety. But researchers are coming to understand that depression can manifest itself differently in men than it does in women