gender bias

Are you shocked by this news?  Me, not so much.  But, hats off to the Harvard research team and their new approach to tackling gender inequality in medicine by getting back to the basics:  Let the evidence speak for itself.  And, it does (to a certain extent).

Since all most people care about is who lives and dies or patient outcomes, why not study if the physician’s gender plays a critical role in the all-important realm of survival?

Ok, so for full disclosure, this article brings me joy.  For so many reasons.  On so many levels.  Mainly, for the chuckle and laughter I already have enjoyed in response to some reactionary, knee-jerk posts on social media and in person that range from dismissing the publication as another feminist attack that would never be granted in the...

Watching the jaw drop or tug-of-war facial reaction battle of another person when they discover my educational and career endeavors is so uniformly commonplace that I would be hard pressed to come up with a day let alone a week where such an occurrence didn’t take place.

Apparently, I don’t look like a doctor.

Earlier today the waiter at lunch was first speechless then over-complimenting once it sunk in how dramatic his response was to the news that not only was I one, but I was not fresh in or out of training and had dabbled in the possibility of brain surgery as my chosen vocation.

Typecasting by others or the insistence on attempting to place me in a box is the story of my life.  I always joke I am like Rodney Dangerfield, “I just get no respect.”  Though...