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The globalization of regulation, our friend the fungus, communicating science, and the search for a less sugary sugar.
Dr. Jeffrey Singer (pictured) is one of the brave physicians on the front line in the battle against anti-opioid madness. He graciously gave us permission to reprint his recent Cato Institute blog post. It speaks directly to the role of government in determining who gets what pain medicine, and how much. Dr. Singer addresses just this as he explains why Sen. Robert Portman (R-OH) went way off the deep end, proposing a national three-day limit on opioid prescriptions following surgery -- evidence be damned.
Amidst the noise of the opioid crisis is a pernicious shift in power, from doctors and their patients to the government. In a futile attempt to fight the unwinnable war on drugs, many states are now restricting what doctors can prescribe. Dr. Josh Bloom, whose recent Op-Ed appeared in the Las Vegas Tribune-Review, looks at this frightening trend.
The debate about endocrine disruption is intense, in large part because the research is inconclusive. In turn, there's a great deal of uncertainty on this topic. We highlight the documents that may shed light on a workable approach to the issue.
Recent reports published by the World Health Organization predict a dramatic rise in cancer cases worldwide.