Green Revolution

The EU’s Green Deal has a “Farm to Fork” strategy designed to meet the global sustainable development goals and increase land cultivated by organic farming at least three-fold. To meet that goal, they may well require GMOs. An opinion piece asks: Can organic farming be reconciled with advanced biotechnologies in the EU, one of the most regulated global agricultural regions? 
Can a Livestock Revolution -- like Norman Borlaug's Green Revolution -- bring technological improvements to increase meat production in an environmentally responsible way? The Breakthrough Institute's whitepaper votes in the affirmative.
The Green Revolution, pioneered by Dr. Norman Borlaug, a co-founder of ACSH and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is credited with saving perhaps a billion people from starvation. India was a prime beneficiary of increased crop yields in the 1960s. Now a second green revolution is needed there.
A blog posting on the NYTimes site discusses the Green Revolution in Africa. While gratifying to read about progress being made, some major omissions need to be addressed in this piece, including the lack of Dr. Norman Borlaug s contributions.