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Alcohol is both good and bad. Makes some happy, others sad. It amplifies joy, or exacerbates decline. It alienates, it coalesces. It de-stresses, stresses, calms and kills. But you know what? You are the variable. So, then is moderation sexy? Explore your prescription.
When the latest trend generates buzzwords from its devotees like "detoxify" and "rejuvenation" and "cleansing," and with the celebrity set hopping on board, that usually means it's time for the level-headed among us to tap their inner skepticism before the purveyors of cool have us all bamboozled and reaching for our wallets. Welcome to the wonderful world of infrared saunas, and the dubious health claims that come with them.
Americans have often been told how much exercise they should be doing, but most don’t do any planned exercise at all. Researchers are now changing course and trying to find out how little exercise can be done, while still reaping some of the health benefits. At an annual meeting of the American College of Sports [...] The post The race to the shortest workout appeared first on Health & Science Dispatch.