healthcare consumer fraud

There is no denying when public figures experience medical issues they can draw greater awareness and attention toward disease prevention; informing society and providing beneficial education. But, the hospitalization of the First Lady, who is thankfully expected to make a full recovery for a “benign kidney condition,” raises concerns surrounding the intersection of patient privacy and a loved one seeking and holding elective office. Should an unelected citizen be unduly compelled to reveal any aspect of their health status? 

Many would argue that when someone runs for public office, everything is fair game. Perhaps it is time to re-examine that issue. Where...

Bad boys, bad boys 
What'cha gonna do?
What'cha gonna do when they come for you?

When the bad boys are pharmaceutical and health companies as well as a collection of physicians; and the “they” in “they come for you” is the Department of Justice (DOJ) the answer is, settle.

In 2017 two-thirds of their settlements, $2.4 billion, came from the health sector. But before we take a look at the bad boys themselves, remember, a settlement does not necessarily mean guilty. We also need to know a few legal definitions. 

  • Fraud is intentional deception of another person to that person’s detriment
  • Waste is “squandering resources or the use of resources without gain or advantage or incurring...

Nothing elicits a surge in my skeptic meter like the term world-renowned when used in the medical realm. Especially since it is typically self-described by those selling something, routinely an unnecessary product or procedure.

Those who are authentically world-renowned, who are the real deal, rarely boast about it. Shameless self-promotion is a tough thing for the more earnest medical and science professionals. With the ever-increasing competition today, striking the balance so as to garner enough interest in their work so they can pursue what they so incredibly cherish is often an unnatural road.

Being exactly who you say you are, nothing more and nothing less, reflects the best there is in medicine. This way of navigating the profession prioritizes patient...