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I’m at an age where I see doctors frequently enough that I noticed that the masks are gone. Will a surge in influenza or COVID this fall and winter bring masks back for all, or has COVID given us something other than a one-size-fits-all approach?
It remains a mystery to me why workers in “the business” of healthcare would be hesitant to be vaccinated. After all, they have high-risk exposure daily. 
You would think that healthcare workers, those in “the business,” would be jumping at getting a COVID-19 vaccine – you would be wrong. Here are a few of the facts.
Flu season is considered to begin in October and last until as late as May. However, the peak of flu season does not usually occur until January or February. According to the United States influenza surveillance system, a
Flu season is here, and once again the question arises as to whether or not flu vaccinations should be mandatory for health care workers. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends that all healthcare workers get the vaccination in order to protect both themselves and the patients with whom they
Dr. Gilbert Ross in the New York Post, August 13, 2014. As we near the start of flu season, beware: Many of the city s top hospitals pose a serious hazard to your
We are reaching the height of flu season, and the percentage of healthcare workers who have gotten the flu vaccination remains unacceptably low. The goal of public health authorities is to
A panel at the CDC found that as of 2011, the elimination of measles, rubella and congenital rubella syndrome had been sustained in the
It was a bad idea last month; why publish it again? Mandating flu vaccine for healthcare workers is a no-brainer, the arguments against it are specious. So why did JAMA re-publish the article endorsing masks instead? They protect no one except fearful workers from imaginary dangers, while exposing patients to contagion.
If you haven t yet gotten your flu shot, here s one more reason you may want to consider getting one, and not just if you re a healthcare worker: fewer sick days. According to a new study, healthcare facilities with mandatory flu vaccine policies reported workers taking fewer sick days due to respiratory, cold or flu-like symptoms. And patients will be protected also, as there s less of a chance of unknowingly passing the virus to them.
As the federal government shuts down, some CDC and FDA functions will be compromised, and some threat to public health may arise. A JAMA op-ed piece approves of vaccination OR masks for healthcare workers. We disapprove.
As we brace ourselves for flu season this year, and once again begin the push for the flu vaccination, here s some news about vaccination rates last season. According to the CDC, about 57 percent of children ages 6 months through 17 years were