Continuing declines in overall U.S. death rates between 1969 and 2013 represent major public health gains, including in most specific illnesses. COPD death rate is higher than it was initially, but is also now declining along with smoking rates.
A new study finds that men's and women's hearts age in very different ways. The study may some day lead to new ways to treat heart failure in both sexes. But until that time these findings once again call attention to the fact that research and clinical trials are far too male centric.
Two new studies, which deal with the extra information a calcium scan can contribute to risk calculation for predicting coronary heart disease events over a 10-year course, found that coronary artery calcium scores of very low or zero reduced the likelihood of CHD events by about half. This can eliminate the need for statins.
It seems like every week, there s another study on the health benefits of chocolate getting major news coverage. There s a reason for this people like to eat chocolate, and they re eager to read coverage of health studies that justify their chocolate habit. They ll click on the article with the catchy,
The European Society of Anesthesiologists is meeting this week in Berlin, and one study of note that will be presented describes the effects of administering cardiovascular medications to patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). CABG, known more commonly as bypass surgery, is performed when a patient experiences a blockage or narrowing of the vessels that supply the heart with blood. T
Many people think that routine cardiac tests, including EKG, stress testing, and coronary perfusion studies, help predict risk of heart attack and guide prevention measures. Not true, for people who have no history or symptoms of heart trouble.
Two new studies show that sudden-onset strokes are often provoked by the relatively common heartbeat irregularity, atrial fibrillation. If short-term cardiac monitoring fails to detect it, 30-day testing is required. Anticoagulation can be lifesaving.
Can you die of a broken heart? A new report says maybe so. Among a group of people who had recently lost a loved one, cardiovascular events increased significantly over the following month.
Smoking but not vaping (using an e-cigarette) was found to impair coronary circulation and raise carbon monoxide (CO) levels