Politicians are attacking a safe and important class of pesticides – neonicotinoids – with unwarranted bans and restrictions. These policies will be devastating to farmers, costly to consumers, and damaging to the environment.
Rarely does a week go by without some rather strange stories emerging about science and medicine. This past week was no exception.
When ACSH's Alex Berezow was the editor of RealClearScience, he frequently linked to Pacific Standard's content. However, in recent months, he says the magazine as a whole has now become nearly unreadable. As its political cheerleading becomes more and more blatant, its standards for science journalism have fallen -- and that's no coincidence.
Our old friend Joe Mercola had a rather embarrassing week. His obscenely overpriced Organic Daily Face Cleanser was found to contain a pesticide called azadirachtin. And, if that isn't funny enough, the stuff also contains aloe vera, which was just placed on California's Proposition 65 List as a carcinogen. Oh Joe, say it ain't so!
A new study published in International Journal of Food Contamination shows that pesticide levels in food are far below levels that would warrant health concern.