Jane Brody

In yesterday s New York Times Well Column, Jane E. Brody discusses memory and cognitive aging solutions and the science (or lack thereof) behind them. There are a variety of these remedies and devices currently on the
In her follow-up to last week s column on cancer screening s pros and cons in general, Jane E. Brody takes on screening mammography for breast cancer in today s New York Times Science section: Retesting Breast Cancer Axioms. She addresses the conflict women face as to when to start
To the Editor: Jane Brody was correct to advise us to continue to consume fiber, despite a recent Harvard study that found fiber not to be protective against colon cancer ("Keep the Fiber Bandwagon Rolling, for Heart and Health," July 20). The fact that this article was even necessary points out the perils of making unwarranted health claims. Unlike Ms. Brody's column, many reports about the Harvard study failed to put fiber into perspective. Consumers thus got the wrong message: that fiber isn't so important. How ironic, given that cereal makers were leading advocates of the as-yet unproven theory that fiber prevents colon cancer.