Strenuous activity often leads to muscle soreness, even for highly trained athletes. Finding a way to reduce this unpleasant consequence of physical activity would be a boon to both professional and amateur sports enthusiasts.

Now, a team of Spanish researchers believes it has discovered a cocktail that reduces such discomfort. Their formula is a combination of watermelon and pomegranate juice enriched with citrulline and ellagitannins. The authors chose these ingredients because they are linked to beneficial metabolic effects and performance enhancement.

For example, citrulline, a non-essential amino acid found in watermelon, helps reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, a major cause of muscle fatigue. Citrulline is also converted to nitric oxide, a chemical that...

We want to hear what kids around the nation (and globe!) want to know about science and health. Kicking off our new segment, #KuriousKiddos, are Isaiah and Gabriel who ask us this: Our mom dilutes our juice with water because she says too much sugar is bad for us. Is it healthier to drink diluted juice or the real deal?

Watch the video to hear our answer!

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