While some extol the psychological benefits of psychedelics and bemoan their unavailability, at least one FDA-approved agent with psychedelic properties, Ketamine, does exist. The problem is that it is being abused- and oversight is wanting.
Ketamine is an anesthetic that can prevent persistent post-surgical pain in patients who have undergone major surgery. That's a welcome alternative, given the significant opiate addiction crisis plaguing our nation.
Researchers have found that ketamine, when used as an alternative to haloperidol for sedating combative patients, yielded quicker onset to sedation time, but with more adverse side effects.
Ketamine, a dangerous 1960s hallucinogenic, may have new life for treating major depression.
n the always-uphill battle against depression a vicious and life-threatening disease that is typically caused by a malfunction of certain neurotransmitters or receptors in the brain any help is welcome.