Ideology, not medical reality, has infected much of modern parenting. The most compelling pediatric articles -- centered around misguided activism that still persists -- focused on infant feeding, vaccines and mom-shaming.
Armadillo reproduction can teach us a rather wise guiding principle.
Young Kids Watching TV
Since kids under age have a limited ability to know themselves physically, and express themselves, is what they're saying always accurate? That's one of the important questions clouding the results of a study which determined that little kids can be influenced to eat by TV food commercials when they are not hungry.
Melania Trump and son Barron to hold off on an immediate move into the White House.  And, the media onslaught began with imprecise headline-clickbait aplenty.  Regardless of your politics, is it such a leap for the masses and media to recognize the sound nature of this decision? 
Seeking entry into the annals of Perceived Threats That Makes Parenting Needlessly More Frightening, we now have a new "study" claiming that kids playing within enclosed, inflatable, trampoline-like enclosures in warmer climates are potentially at risk of dying from heat stroke. "Researchers" please stop scaring parents.