A belated Valentine’s day thought Work vs. labor Mass killings are not all the same; consider the Lost Boys
With continued refrains of "too many" or "too few" being applied to manners of birth, which often serve to shame or assign blame, the focus is on the wrong issue. A new study on delivery mode helps inform us on this topic.
A water birth video recently went viral without much mention of safety. Proponents of this fringe delivery method are solving a problem that we don't have. Human birth is an unpredictable and often traumatic journey — so why add a risk factor to an already-risky endeavor?
Epidurals are the most common method of labor pain relief in the United States. The procedure involves injecting medication near the spinal column to provide continuous pain relief to the lower body. In the past, many health professionals would not administer epidurals until a
The frequencies of both induced and augmented labor have increased between 2002 and 2010. In both induced labor artificially stimulated labor and augmented labor increasing the strength, duration or frequency of contractions the woman is administered Pitocin