Legionnaires' disease

The recent outbreak in New York City has already claimed a 90+ year old and sickened six others, four who remain hospitalized. It's caught by breathing in the bacteria in the form of water vapor – aerosols – so when an outbreak occurs, and the source of the bacteria contaminated aerosols is shut down, the outbreak is contained. 
Though pneumonia and infection are among the litany of known complications after water birth, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just reported two cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in newborns in Arizona born this way. Further investigation identified an infant death in 2014 in Texas from Legionellosis. 
Legionnaires' disease, an often fatal bacterial pneumonia, has been raging through the Bronx for the past week. As of today (August, 13th), 119 people have been infected with the bacterium and 12 have died, although city officials maintain there have been no cases since August 3rd.
In the Bronx this week an outbreak of Legionnaires disease has been reported, with the toll amounting to almost 50 suspected cases and 2 deaths. Health officials are searching for the source, which is generally a contaminated water supply.