The language police The printing press Are we working too little or too much? Will a nap help?
A controversial article on red meat had an unintended consequence: it unmasked the ties between science and industry. Not the meat industry, but the "anti-meat" health-advocacy industry, which reaches into academia and commercial interests. JAMA takes a stance. Good for them, which is good for us.
Don't have the money for an elite wellness getaway? Here are some low-budget alternatives.
A new, large UK study attempted to discern whether those who are unhappy are more vulnerable to ill health and a shorter lifespan. In fact, the study found that while poor health does often lead to unhappiness, there was no evidence for the converse: unhappiness did not lead to poorer health outcomes.
Even if your blood glucose levels don t indicate diabetes, that s no reason to ignore the possibility of developing this increasingly common disease.
In a new study of data from the long-term Nurses Health Study (women) and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (men), Dr. Ying Bao and colleagues from Harvard Medical School and affiliates found a strong association between consumption of various types of nuts and a decreased risk of death.
The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology surprised many doctors and patients by issuing controversial new guidelines for reducing cardiovascular risk factors,