What does the science say about the safety of America’s chicken farming practice?
Foodborne illness happens; it's one of the hazards of eating. But when a company makes a concerted effort to claim its food is holy and righteous – while everybody else serves poison – management shouldn't be surprised when public backlash is severe. It's entirely predictable, self-inflicted and deserved.  
Tired of the same ole boring ways to contract food-borne illness? Look no further than chicken tartare: raw, seasoned chicken, now served at restaurants near you. 
Drinking raw milk, or consuming products made from it, can be dangerous, as evidenced by a recent outbreak of listeriosis stemming from unpasteurized cheeses made in New York state. Although the risk of death is not as great as it would be from playing Russian roulette, it's not zero, as two deaths to date can attest.
Food Safety News has reported that Whole Foods has shut down all three of its regional kitchens because the FDA "discovered a long list of 'serious violations,'" some of which resulted in surfaces being contaminated with Listeria.
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