male contraception

In April, American scientists will begin testing a new contraceptive gel — for men. A combination of two synthetic hormones, it's been found to be effective in shutting down sperm production in preliminary testing. So perhaps soon men will have another option besides condoms and vasectomies. Guys, welcome to the world of modern contraception!  
The burden of contraception rests heavily on a woman’s shoulders. Male options have been limited to the pull-out method, condoms and the dreaded “V’ word – vasectomy. But according to a recent study, injectable male contraception proved to be highly effective and comparable in efficacy to female contraceptives. So why not continue the research?
The rhythmic whipping of a sperm’s tail is the most basic perception as to how the cell strives to reach the egg for fertilization. But a recent study published in the journal Science reveals a novel mechanism, in which progesterone-dependent sperm cells are primed and activated in the female reproductive tract.