In preparation to write my fifth and final article in the "Lessons from a Novice Marathoner" series, I looked to my friends who know much, much more about running marathons than I do.

As I mentioned in previous articles in this series - "Marathon Lessons From A Novice" - I am running my first marathon in a few weeks (gulp.) 

My first marathon is quickly approaching. In the last few months of training, I have learned a few things. But, with only six weeks to go, I need to learn a lot more.

Given the popularity of marathons and participation in the United States exceeding half a million annually, a Yale-led team of researchers sought to explore the relationship between strenuous exercise and kidney function. (1)

Like most, my initial reaction to such a challenge is “umm, no thanks.” But, I admit I am not much like the long distance running extreme endurance athlete set. A unique club.