E. coli. Salmonella. Campylobacter. Norovirus. When somebody gets sick eating at a restaurant, these are often the culprits. But McDonald's has been hit by an outbreak of Cyclospora. Our PhD microbiologist – who has taken two classes in medical microbiology – had never heard of that. So what is it?
What appears to be a big decision by McDonald s to keep using their current potatoes rather than switch to GM potatoes turns out to be, at least scientifically, no decision at all. This is because on this particular
Although the 2004 documentary by Morgan Spurlock blamed his 30-day Mickey-D diet for a decline in health and increased weight, we have shown that it s possible to eat at McDonald s for 30 days and actually improve health for both men and women. Now that conclusion has been further substantiated by Mr. John Cisna of Akeny, Iowa.
McDonald s is the world s leading consumer of potatoes, purchasing about 3.4 billion pounds annually. In an attempt to try to pressure McDonald s not to use GE potatoes, the radical anti-biotech
Last week The New York Times reported that fast food giant Burger King has developed a new coating for its French fries. The new coating will render their potatoes less able to absorb fat, and thus calories, when they are deep-fried. And today McDonald s announced far-reaching changes in its menus