Medical Clearance

Today is the day President Donald Trump will be experiencing his first medical evaluation in the White House. Yesterday, I discussed with BBC TV's anchor Matthew Amroliwala the many misperceptions and falsehoods that have abounded in the media surrounding such an event. 

With such vitriol in our current public sphere whether it be throughout the presidential campaign or post-election, an unsettling weaponizing of health has taken hold and distorted the perception of the role and duty of the physician, the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, the status of innumerable disease states and created a pathway for unapologetic ageism. Such discrimination ran the bipartisan spectrum.

Armchair diagnosing has run amok--whether it be in regard to the President or Secretary...

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders recently revealed President Donald Trump will undergo his first physical examination at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (see video) on January 12th, affirming the results will be released to the public.

Questions surrounding his and former presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton’s health plagued the political landscape throughout the election. The politicization of this aspect of those running and the subsequent inflammatory dialogue...


Official Health Report for SANTA CLAUS






One St. Nicholas Icy Drive

North Pole, Arctic

Date of Birth (DOB):  Immortal

Medical Record #:  12-24-0000

This letter reflects the official summary of SANTA CLAUS’ (aka St. Nick) recent health visit to determine medical fitness to serve as himself on Christmas Eve in a global capacity.  As the Director of Medicine and a Board-Certified physician at the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), I can...

With medical letters and the general health of the U.S. Presidential candidates being the big topic of discussion last week, we were all treated to analyses of issues like blood clots and BMI and other topics. Pundits on both sides suggested some concern about the medical fitness of the opposing candidate.

But, where did this interest in medical fitness come from? What's fit or unfit in 2016?  Basically, what would cause you, or the leadership of a major party, to declare a candidate not medically qualified to be President and not worthy of a vote?  

This answer is different for a physician.

Fitness is not as obvious as you might think. Doctors, me included, will automatically defer to the primary physician of a candidate as the final arbiter of medical health,...