medical history

Unsolicited curbside consultations of medical professionals are quite common. As are self-referrals. Such scenarios can yield unfavorable results.
Through modern science, the grim discovery of a Medieval woman's remains is able to tell the tale of a "coffin birth" and ancient brain surgery.
Did our lost presidents surpass the life expectancy of their respective generations because of their access to superior medical care? The answer might surprise you.
Do you know what a “bezoar” is? Probably not, but we'll explain. However, you have likely heard of the term "psychosomatic," which means an ailing mind can actually, physically bother or impair your body. Sometimes the primary disease is truly in your head, or at least it seems to have started there.
In 1816 the ubiquitous stethoscope, in modern times a symbol of medicine itself, made its first appearance - but it may be coming close to extinction.