medical marijuana

Not only did Americans vote on members of Congress this week, but citizens of several states also voted on various science- and health-related policy issues. How did those turn out? On the upside, an anti-fracking law was defeated. On the downside, workplace vaping was banned and bogus medical marijuana laws passed.
It's time for marijuana advocates to admit what's plainly obvious: Pot is a recreational drug. But let's stop pretending that cannabis is a miraculous painkiller or wonder drug. Most people who use it simply like getting high. And let's stop denying that legalizing marijuana will come with some serious public health consequences.
It is immoral and reckless to leave drugs within the reach of children. That five kids were poisoned makes grandpa, who had a medical marijuana prescription, an irresponsible pothead.
With the legal and political advances in marijuana legislation steps ahead of medical research and science, a false perception of safety coming from dispensaries exists. Meanwhile, researchers have discovered many bacteria and fungi contaminants that could pose great risk to the most vulnerable.
New York's Compassionate Care Act recently became state law, allowing dispensaries to open with medical marijuana only for those with well-defined diseases and conditions. So if Smoky Sam shows up there hoping to just get stoned, he'll be bummed out since the rules make it nearly impossible to get pot just to party.