mosquito spraying

Infectious diseases have been the focus of many news stories in the past year. Sometimes, the news is good, such as a cure for hepatitis C. Sometimes it is very bad
Our regular readers will be forgiven if they are stricken with a case of deja vu right now. Over the past year, ACSH has weighed in often (and in no uncertain terms) about the foolishness of rejecting mosquito eradication programs in populated areas.
Last year we at ACSH were instrumental in getting the village of Ocean Beach, located on Long Island, to overturn its decades-old chemophobic policy of refusing to participate in the mosquito control program that was routinely used in most of Long Island, as well as wide areas of New York City. We were prompted to do so after ACSH friend Jim Capuono a six year survivor of colon cancer nearly died from West Nile encephalitis, which he contracted from mosquitoes while vacationing in Ocean Beach in August, 2012.
Every so often you can make a difference. When ACSH s Dr. Josh Bloom, a long time resident of Ocean Beach on Fire Island, learned that his close friend Jim Capuano a six year survivor of stage-4 colon cancer