It's no walk in the park to be born, for mom or baby. A new study hopes to shed light on just how stressful an average, uneventful delivery is on the fetal head and brain.
Only 1 in 8 women are aware that density is a risk factor, and just 1 in 5 know that dense tissue reduces the sensitivity of mammograms to find tumors. Since breast cancer is second worst cancer killer among women, why hasn't there been more emphasis on the risk factors associatd with dense breasts?
A new study sheds light on the aberrant, habitual brain mechanisms underlying anorexia nervosa, a devastating and potentially fatal eating disorder resistant to most treatments. Another study shows the unique patterns of brain activity that help make us different from each other.
A common treatment for low-back pain that doesn t dissipate within a few days oral steroids has been shown (again) to be ineffective, especially for the nerve-root pain of sciatica. Will docs change their approach, at last?
Back pain can be extremely debilitating often leading to impaired mobility and lower quality of life. Researchers examined the likelihood that early imaging studies would improve the outcome of clinical treatments in adults aged 65 and older.
A commonly-used medical procedure spinal injection of a mixture of lidocaine and anti-inflammatory steroid has been shown to be no more effective in relieving certain symptoms of back problems than the numbing agent alone.