natural gas

Taste is subjective. So is smell. But when the headline in the  January 22, 2013 issue of The Mirror reads:
In the largest study of its kind, a group of researchers from Yale University, le
Hopewell Township, New Jersey has decided to block an expansion of the PennEast Pipeline
Taking a cue from their overlords in Mercer County (where state capital Trenton is located), the Hope
In an op-ed piece in the blog City and State, upstate Republican Congressman Chris Collin
The latest health news: a shoutout to Hank Campbell on his natural gas op-ed, why germy kids are healthy kids, and why getting them to eat veggies because it's healthy won't work
We at ACSH do not deal with climate-related issues it is beyond our scope. But ACSH friend and founder of the immensely popular blog Science 2.0 site has no such reservations.