organ transplant

Successful organ transplantation requires that a logistically complex series of events take place well beyond the scope of an ideally-matched donor and recipient. As the applications keep expanding, delivery-focused technology is a boon for healthcare.
A new law passed by a slim margin in the Netherlands reflexively making anyone over the age of 18 an organ donor, compelling them to have to take specific action to opt out. Should the U.S. follow suit?
With the word "cure" we think of it as an end. But, in fact, it's often the end – of a beginning. For those surgically “cured” from cancer, enduring amputation from sepsis or receiving a transplanted organ, the story — though different and uncharted — begins anew.
Leon Bellan, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University, used his creative vision and a $40 cotton candy machine to create tiny threads that resemble patterns formed by capillaries. In the body, these may be able to keep tissues viable and functional for transplantation.
Researchers in Japan are reporting a first in the field of stem cell research: a kidney grown from same cells in the lab and transplanted into both mice and pigs. But more importantly, they got the kidney to work inside these models.