organ transplants

The EU is about to ban the sale of body fluids, including breast milk, sperm, blood, and other “substances of human origin” (SoHO). Some argue this will decrease supply. Others claim the regulation protects human dignity. Who’s right? And how do we decide?
The authors claim that this is the world's first truly successful penis transplant because all functions were restored to normal. They are now recruiting for clinical trials.
A young man who recently received a lung transplant, following a terrible case of pneumonia that caused his lungs to collapse, has died. He made national headlines because his petition to receive new lungs was initially rejected because he had smoked marijuana.
Three-dimensional bioprinting is offering science a real hope of creating organs needed for transplants. With about 75,000 patients waiting on any given day, and an average of 22 people dying daily while hoping to receive a transplant, the need is acute to say the least.