How often do you hear of someone using their spouse's antibiotic from a prior illness? Or, dispensing an Ambien to a colleague or friend? For those practicing medicine without a license in person, or through social media crowdsourcing, the harms can be considerable.
More American drivers are dying in drug-related car crashes than they are from collisions involving just alcohol.
Despite widespread national attention, there's no sign that the ongoing drug overdose epidemic is getting better. Meanwhile, the CDC just released two reports, the first of which gave an overview of drug-related mortality rates.
With medication errors outside of health facilities on the rise, learn more here about the unique challenges to proper medication use and where prevention strategies need to be directed.
Easier access to naloxone, a lifesaving heroin antidote, is in the works. New York s AG Schneiderman uses his bully pulpit for good in this instance, amidst the rising toll of opioid deaths.
A new study of children s emergency hospitalizations for drug-related exposures finds that almost ten-thousand annual occurrences result from toddlers ingesting their parents meds. This is unacceptable and it s the so-called grown-ups fault.
Opiate drugs are widely used, and very effective, for pain relief. They are also the drugs of choice for many addicts.
According to a new CDC report, fatalities from overdosing on painkillers are on the rise among women. Compared to 1999, this rate is now five times higher. (It s also three times higher in men). That amounts to about 18 women per day, and most of those deaths are from prescription painkillers such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, and methadone.