physical activity

Is there a magical prescription for how much exercise and activity eliminates the increased risk of premature death, which comes from sedentary behavior? A new paper takes a swing at an elusive target. Spoiler alert: This is an area that continues to defy precision.
Substitute the word "Halloween" for any celebratory event and pervasive worry-lists abound. Fun also matters.
Couch potatoes pay attention — you don't have to run miles each day to benefit your health. Indeed, recent research indicates that moderate levels of activity can significantly lower mortality risks.
Listen up, slackers: You can no longer use "work" as an excuse to avoid burning calories during the week. Turns out, you could get your best workout in over the weekend, without lifting a finger Monday through Friday.
Motivating people to increase their activity requires helping them overcome what they perceive as barriers to doing so. And, researchers from Dartmouth College found, those barriers will differ according to weight class.
The evidence is stacking up that regular exercise could play a key role in protecting the body against cancer. But new information sheds light on the benefits of physical activity during cancer care, giving doctors and patients a new perspective on treatment options.
The good news about obesity is that recent trends suggest that its rate of increase in Americans has stabilized. The bad news is that many of us are already overweight or obese, and a significant part of the problem, as suggested by a recent study in The American Journal of Medicine, is a widespread decrease in physical activity.
You may want to stand up before you read this. Sitting all day, whether at work or watching TV, is not so good for you, even if you also
Regular physical activity can be beneficial at all ages, but may be especially important for seniors as loss of mobility can both be a result of, as well as cause, chronic illnesses. A new study
There is definitely no shortage of alarmist news stories about the alleged increased risk of cancer from exposure to trace amounts of pesticides or chemicals from food, water and cosmetics, among other things that one may
The bad news is that any way you cut it, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disabling systemic disease that can flare unpredictably. It is an autoimmune disease, meaning that the
It s better to walk than to not be active at all. Walking a predominant exercise among the elderly, holds more importance in the way it reduces stroke in older men in than you may think